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Forest Pack

Forest Pack is a package of eight plugins for 3D Studio Max and 3D Studio Viz (and a tree maps library in Forest Pro Pack), designed to give a complete solution for creation of large surfaces of trees and plants. There are other plugins that allow creation of beautiful trees (with thousands of faces), but only 'Forest' allows you to create, with half the resources, a complete forest with thousands of trees . Forest may be used to create any scene which requires large distributions of objects, not just trees

The plugin is a parametric and animatable object, optimized for speed. It can create more than 500,000 trees per second on a Pentium IV, 3 Ghz.
  • Trees are created as textured planar objects, so they need very little resources and they are rendered very fast. In addition, you can use custom meshes if you prefer.

  • Forest uses splines to define the areas to plant the trees. You can use multiple areas of inclusion and exclusion.
    The distribution is managed with bitmaps. You can create lines or very regular groups to fully random surfaces.

  • 'Forest' can be linked to a camera, so all trees will facing it. With this, the problem of seeing planar objects from different angles when the camera moves is solved.

  • Trees are only created inside the field view of the camera. We can make a fly over of a forest of virtually millions of trees, but the plugin only builds the trees that are necessary to complete the frame.

  • Autosize of elements using a material plugin. We may create a library of maps, each of them with its real scene size defined. When we create trees, they remember their assigned dimensions automatically. Automatic placing of trees over any surface (irregular terrains, etc.).

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